EUROSKI B&B VALLE D'AOSTA, between the castle and the mountains, a few steps from the ski slopes, from France and Switzerland

Euroski B&B a Sarre in Valle d'AostaThis is our house. Situated in the Valle D'Aosta region in the furthermost northwest corner of Italy it rests exactly in the middle of some of the best ski slopes in Europe. It is in fact possible to start your day skiing in Italy, have breakfast in France or lunch in Switzerland before coming back for dinner to our cosy chalet. And all of this without taking your skis off!!!

No wonder the C.I.O. , the international olympics committee has chosen this part of the Alps has the background for 3 different Winter Olympics Chamonix 1924, Albertville 1992 and Torino 2006. Turin itself it's just one hour away by car or by train and it can be counted as one of the many day-trips, the same can be said of Geneva which is only 90 minutes away and Chamonix, 30 minutes through the Mont Blanc Tunnel. A multitude of activities await for you during the summer season when the valley awakes from the snowy winter and bursts back to life in all its uncontaminated nature
Euroski B&B in Valle d'Aosta vicino alla Francia, alla Svizzera a Pila a Saint Vincent a Chamonix
LFor the active visitor the choice ranges from Golf to Rafting, Skating, Fishing ,Mountain biking, Trekking, Free climbing, Horse riding, Paragliding......and always keep in mind that skiing is a 365 days a year business in some of the resorts!!! For the more relaxed and those who come to enjoy the delights of Italian cuisine there is a wide choice of restaurants , bars, and clubs. The Valley also hosts one of the biggest Casinos in Italy (only one of 6 in the whole country!). Sunbathing and outdoor swimming are also very popular and the clear skies and thin air coupled with the fact that you are of course much closer to the sun make for a wonderful tan!! (don't forget your sunscreen protection in the summer as much as in the winter) .

Finally for all of you wine lovers out there you should know that the Valley boasts the highest vineyards in Europe and produces the famous "Blanc de Morgex" a white wine produced only here and renowned for its fresh and crispy taste! So.... what are you waiting for, come and join us for your next vacation

Convenzionato con i servizi termali delle Terme di Pre Saint Didiers
Convenzionato con i servizi termali delle Terme di Pre Saint Didiers spa & benessere

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